Our Rosso Coffee Machine
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Our Coffee

At Ten Green Bottles we use the finest Italian coffee beans. Roasted in the romantic town of Conegliano in Italy; amidst a landscape peppered with medieval castles and fortresses, known as 'Roccas', our Rocco coffee has been slowly and gently roasted to create a wonderfully balanced coffee which exudes soft, nutty undertones.

Our Coffee Sensations include, amongst many:


A beautiful espresso immersed in creamy frothed milk.

Caffe Latte

The luscious Italian perspective on white coffee.


Traditional short, Italian style strong coffee.


Long, mild and smooth black coffee.

Caffe Mocha

Scrumptious chocolate, coffee and steamed milk mix.


Rich, dark espresso with just a splash of hot frothy milk.

Add something extra...

To add an extra special dimension to your coffee, why not try a shot of liqueur or sweet syrup with your coffee, we have a wide selection from which to choose. Baileys will give your coffee the perfect creamy kick or hazelnut syrup will send your taste buds singing with its nice nutty flavour.